Thursday, 22 January 2015

Why I like Pope Francis! (and why I don't mess with His Holiness)

The truly progressive believe Pope Francis is....well ... progressive.  Many Catholics I have spoken too believe the same but for different reasons than mine.

Of course the story started in Argentina and not in the Dominican Republic as claimed by some (which is illogical really!). Filipinos in the last six months have been fed with a diet of Pope Francis trivia about his working class childhood and to his election in the Vatican. A few facts really stick to the mind, like the one that he was a nightclub bouncer!

Now don't Pinoys like their priests to have had some fun before entering the seminary?  It makes them more human. But of course this is short of having sex! (That would have really been scandalous!)  A bit of drink is fine as they say, for in heaven there is no beer! (Even if San Miguel is there defending the Throne of God)!

Don't mess with His Holiness!
I really wonder why our usual gang of liberals is so fixated about sex and not about getting a real job! Also why not they try taking on blue collar jobs with the toiling masses as a graduate of UP, Ateneo, La Salle to be really progressive? 

I don't know if anyone in the nunciature was brave enough to offer His Holiness some grog. But the clue probably is in what he said when he landed in Rome after escaping typhoons and eager fans! The Pope's one word "Bellissima" sums it all! Perhaps he had a swig (After all how could a real man who doesn't drink bad Red whine call Manila heavenly without taking in San Miguel?) to down his lechon. But that will remain forever a Vatican secret.

One secret that wasn't is that Pope Francis proposed marriage when he was 12. The young woman saw through it all and said "NO" for the Greater Glory of God! Now Jorge Bergoglio was likely heartbroken. But like any real man, he moved on... to the nightclub then seminary and into the papacy.

It’s his nightclub job that endears Pope Francis to me.  I can never be a bouncer. I am too puny. The bouncers in the pub I have known are built even more than the rock like bods of the Swiss Guards running along the popemobile that had the women and gays swooning. But Francis wasn't and isn't! Did you see how Cardinal Chito T. measures to Pope F.'s frame? Now bouncers can bounce don't they? Francis is built like a boulder and in his prime must have been formidable! Talk about a bouncing boulder!

Bouncers keep out the unruly out of pubs. And they don't care much about your social class much more if you're conyo, maybe in the BGC but certainly not in Buenos Aires! They can punch a dent into your head if you are unruly and refuse to leave. So please behave. Now in America from where our usual bunch of liberals get their inspiration, bouncers can get criminally liable. But we are talking here of Argentina... where all bouncers should be mucho macho! No wonder Pope Francis called on Pinoys to be less macho! Now isn't that progressive? Our President wouldn't have the gall to even suggest that!
This is what a pissed off bouncer can do! (Photo From the DailyMail)

Francis was just making an honest buck. And there is really endearing about taking that night job, a daytime job sweeping lab floors and wiping lab benches and dancing the tango later.

And since Francis loves his mother and the Holy Mother, let’s talk about moms and their cooking.  Since I am a member of the Filipino Freeeaters since I was a kid, going to my friends' homes means getting a free feed from their mothers. Now who am I to judge... my friend's mom's cooking?  Insult my friend's mom's cooking and I'll punch you. It's natural!

After all I very much agree that the family should be defended against “ideological colonization" especially in the kitchen!

Whining is probably the worst form of ideological colonization. Whine and you won't get supper.

And so if you insult the bouncer's mother expect more than a dent in your head. And Marlene Aguilar, don't tell me I didn't warn you.

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